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With pressotherapy we will achieve a more energetic, more agile state and we will feel better. It is a non-intrusive and very effective treatment to reactivate our body, providing us with an effect of immediate well-being and lightness, due to the oxygenation of the blood with the lymphatic massage. It is a painless treatment with multiple benefits for...
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Pack of 4 sessions of Dual Cryolipolysis

Críolipolisis dual
€495.00 €600.00
Pack of 4 sessions of Dual Cryolipolysis Destroys localized fat in specific areas It is not invasive, nor does it require surgery or injections Effective in a few sessions Gentle and effective skin-friendly treatment

PRX Endopeeling

Endopeeling PRX Tratamiento
When we talk about removing wrinkles, blemishes or skin lesions, we usually think of peeling, and we associate peeling with a facial treatment and reactions such as flaking or itching associated with a somewhat aggressive chemical action on our skin, but there is a new type of peeling, applied only as a massage on the skin, either on the face or on the...

Dual Localized Fat Cryolipolysis

Críolipolisis Dual Grasa Localizada
Destroys localized fat in specific areas It is not invasive, nor does it require surgery or injections Effective in a few sessions Gentle and effective skin-friendly treatment
Abdomen Abdomen 2

Laser depilation

Depilación Láser
Laser hair removal is the most comfortable, fast and effective solution to permanently remove hair from our body. We have several types of laser depending on the needs of each patient, Alexandrite + Diode or Pulsed Light + Radio-Frequency. At the SACRED clinic we have the latest laser technology, a highly advanced system that ensures the result we want in...
laser eliminacion de tattoo
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laser tattoo removal

laser Tattoo
THE ELIMINATION OF THE TATTOO depends on the depth of the place where the body is located and the ink used. This treatment is performed with the pico-second laser. Consult your diagnosis
BBGLOW tratamiento corrector color BBGLOW tratamiento corrector color 2

BBGLOW color correcting treatment

corrector bbglow utsukusy
MESO BB GLOW It is a rejuvenating facial treatment that provides an immediate effect of luminosity and porcelain skin effect thanks to the powerful 100% safe and natural ingredients introduced into the skin with the "microneedling" technique.
Anticelulítico reafirmante laser Triactive
Flaccid cellulite reducer

Laser Triactive Firming Anti-Cellulite

Anticelulitico Reafirmante
This TRI ACTIVE technique based on the harmonic action of three different methodologies and has been developed taking into account the different morphological typologies of the human body and allows a clinically verifiable reduction, with a decrease in contour and an increase in skin elasticity.
Manchas laser neodimio ND:yag
Facial aesthetic treatments

Spot treatment, couperose with Neodymium ND: yag laser

Manchas, cuperosis con Laser Neodimio ND:yag
The spots on our skin can appear due to various factors, hormonal, age, family inheritance, the sun . These spots tend to appear more during the summer months, which is when we are more exposed to the sun. This treatment is done with a Neodymium Yag laser in a totally painless and safe way.
Tratamiento reafirmante RF
Body aesthetic treatments

RF Firming Treatment

Tratamiento Reafirmante
Radiofrequency is presented as an effective, safe and simple therapeutic alternative applied to cellulite and facial and body flaccidity
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