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Oily skin

Grease-acne treatment (Q89, Q92, Q88, Q73)

pack naqua purify
Purify Treatment Pack (Q89, Q92, Q90, Q73) Anti-acne, detoxifying and water imbalance treatment. Balances and purifies due to its free composition of fatty elements and high water content (Hydro-Light). Maintains the moisture level in the epidermis and regulates the secretion of fat. Indicated in the treatment of rosacea
most beautiful eyes

Q88 Eye Contour Serum + Ceramids, Echinacea, Vit Complex

Q88 naqua CONTORNO ojos
Serum Q88 Naqua - Eye contour with Ceramids, Echinacea and Vit Complex Formula specially developed for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, decongests bags and dark circles. It also provides hydration and freshness to the skin.
Pack Tratamiento Post tratamiento (Q89, Q50, Q88, Q54))
  • package

Naqua Post Treatment Pack (Q89, Q50,Q60, Q54,Q85)

pack naqua post laser o peeling
Aesthetic Treatments Recovery Pack Treatment for a perfect and rapid recovery in aesthetic medicine treatments (acid peels, laser,...). Its regenerative effects reduce recovery time by a third, eliminate discomfort and improve the final result. Provides hydration and total sun protection.
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