Comprehensive aesthetic clinic

Feeling good and looking good is not a dream in our clinic, but a purpose, our professional team has a great human commitment to our clients. With a healthier vision of beauty. We have advanced technology, wellness techniques and medical professional.

Health center NICA12072 authorized units.

Aesthetic Medicine Unit: Medical Sacred complements the treatments that provide more outstanding features and great harmony

Beauty is an endless quest where the body is the canvas and tattoos are memories and life experiences. All our clients have a story to capture in their body, revealing the eternal aspiration of survival and the search for their own immortality.

Facial demography or micropigmentation gives relevance to the face with a repairing action.

Laser platform for hair removal and tattoo.

The acquisition of treatments and products through our online store.


Collegiate nª 181804869 Specialty in Aesthetic Medicine.

The aims of Aesthetic Medicine are restoration, maintenance and aesthetic proportion.

Our goals are to achieve them with the conservation of health and natural beauty, for which we use small intervention medical practices, with the latest technological equipment and direct REDERMALIZATION treatments with PDO Threads & Retainers, hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin type A, Hydroxypatite calcium, amino acids, vitamins and recombinant enzymes that open up a great aesthetic medical field, since every day a greater number of people of both sexes demand an improvement in their image.

"Taking care is not a whim"


Clinical Assistant Title.

More than 20 years of experience in photoepilation, anti-acne phototherapy, photorejuvenation, aesthetic physical and chemical peels, microdermabrasion, emotional aesthetics and complementary medicines.

"The skin is a person's largest organ, it is part of their state of mind, that's why I like to treat my clients from a holistic perspective."

"Beauty is a balance between health and well-being, our job is to make you look and feel good, at ease with yourself."


Sanitary Hygienic Degree.

Specialist in microdermal and skindiver skin implants. Micropigmentation technician (semi-permanent makeup).

More than 20 years of experience in national studios such as tattooed and ringed.

"I work every day to achieve the perfect execution, both hygienic and technical, in all my work."

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