Lapiz dermapen Empitsu
Lapiz dermapen Empitsu
Lapiz dermapen Empitsu
Lapiz dermapen Empitsu

ENPITSU dermapent pen + 10 cartridges

Dermapen Enpitsu
VAT included

Dermal correction pen + 10 titaneo needle cartridges



ENPITSU is a Dermal Pen with a sterilized and interchangeable titanium needle head. Easy to use, hygienic and ergonomic

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ENPITSU is a Dermal Pen with a sterilized and interchangeable titanium needle head.

It produces spectacular results without discomfort or side effects.

It is a tool that allows, through microperforations, the penetration of the active principles of associated treatments into the dermis, where they are most effective.


It opens between 500 and 750 microchannels per second, achieving the best result in less time, generating a self-induced inflammatory reaction .

The needles penetrate perpendicular to the skin causing the MINIMUM OF AGGRESSION possible.

Mechanically stimulates the absorption capacity of the skin, increasing the effects of the products used in the topical treatment of the dermis.

Grants firmness, elasticity and greater recovery capacity; accelerating healing, tissue repair and skin cell regeneration.

Exclusive professional use.
•Painless technique.
•Penetrates 0.25 mm deep.
•The needles are for single use and sterile.
•Must be done with gloves and mask.
•Adjustable penetration speed and depth.


It is especially indicated for the professional treatment of the epidermis.

• Eliminates damaged tissue from pores, scars and marks .
Rejuvenation : skin tightening, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
Administration of vitamins and other anti-aging agents
• Reduction of acne scars : Reduces the depth of acne scars and enlarged pores.
Stretch marks: Reduction of stretch marks on the skin.
• Stimulation of hair growth (introduction of active ingredients against hair loss)
•Treatment of spots (melasma)
Skin tightening (lifting treatments without surgery for firming treatments)
Collagen induction therapy (skin revitalizing and hydration treatments)
•Any therapy that requires a transdermal introduction of assets
Anti-cellulite, lipolytic, firming body treatments... depending on the introduction of active ingredients (carnitine, artichoke, caffeine, phosphatidylcholine,...).
•As a treatment enhancer of other electrotherapy treatments.

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