EGF growth factor and hyaluronic acid microending

Factor de crecimiento epidérmico
VAT included

Extreme Regeneration

This growth factor achieves healing, improvements in acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and stretch marks, as well as wrinkle reduction of up to 96%. In this way, it becomes the aesthetic alternative to PRP without pain, without needles and with a result from the first session and with the endorsement of several research and development awards.

Home pack, to be applied with the hydrapen, with a duration of 6 weeks, this being the best product to delay and recover skin rejuvenation.

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Box contains 2 vials of growth factor and a vial of hyaluronic acid giving a total of 5.5 ml active for 6 weeks and allows for 3 applications in the face area if the area to be applied is smaller it will have more sessions. The Application of 6 sessions , a weekly ensures the success of the treatment.


Reduction or even elimination of expression lines.

Firming hydration recovery in toneless skin.

Recovery of tissue with stretch marks, acne marks and scars.

Application 6 sessions, one weekly. It can be repeated up to 3 times a year depending on the case. The application is made on the epidermis with small, very superficial perforations with a hydra-pen.

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is a peptide that promotes cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, and survival through ligand with its receptor (EGFR), present on the cell surface. Growth factors are a group of substances, most of them of a protein nature, which together with hormones and neurotransmitters play an important role in intercellular communication. The main function of growth factors is external control of the cell cycle.


  • Ideal complement to the applications of HA fillers, Botulinum Toxin, Support Threads, Micro-puncture Techniques, Peels, Diatermin, Ultrasound, Electroporation, RF
  • A clinical grade treatment that demonstrates its effectiveness with a single topical application and that maximizes its effectiveness when combined with micro-needling.
  • Offering immediate results in the treated tissue based on its level of hydration and texture, having results that add up day by day while the Growth Factor achieves structural changes after 7 days.

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