Endopeeling PRX-33

Endopeeling PRX Tratamiento
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When we talk about removing wrinkles, blemishes or skin lesions, we usually think of peeling, and we associate peeling with a facial treatment and reactions such as flaking or itching associated with a somewhat aggressive chemical action on our skin, but there is a new type of peeling, applied only as a massage on the skin, either on the face or on the body, without needles and painless, safe and non-invasive, thus separating it from other peelings.

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Thanks to the new formula, this peeling is a non-aggressive and non-photosensitizing anti-gaging, renewal and skin repair treatment, and unlike others, it can be performed at any season of the year. It is highly recommended for repairing the effects of photoaging, reducing stretch marks, scars and acne or chickenpox marks, it also favors natural cell regeneration and provides shine and luminosity to the face.

It is a totally revolutionary treatment, a flash peeling with visible results from the first moment, based on the application of a powerful bioregenerator, PXR-T33, which neutralizes the action of acids on the skin and acts effectively and deeply without denaturing. tissue protein balance. The best peeling option for face, body, neckline and hands.

It is an aesthetic medical treatment in which a powerful skin biogenerator is applied – the PRX T33 – dermis stimulator and which is used without the use of needles. It is painless and with a non-photosensitising effect, which allows it to be applied even in summer. It is applied through massage to facilitate the absorption of kojic acid or TCA that activates the partial renewal of tissues and collagen fibers under the treated area. Indicated for face, body, neckline and hands to repair the skin with anti-aging action. It is a medical devices 1 type treatment, that is, it must be diagnosed by a doctor but can be administered by aesthetic assistants.

Se requiere diagnóstico médico, es Indoloro, la duración del tratamiento  dependerá de la zona a tratar, la duración de la sesión será de unos 10-15 minutos, a la hora de la aplicación sentiremos ligero escozor que desaparece en pocos minutos, dando así  efectos Anti ageing, que reparan la piel envejecida por el sol y reduce arrugas, manchas, cicatrices, estrías y otras lesiones cutáneas.

– Evitar la exposición solar entre 24h a 48h posteriores al tratamiento.

– Utilizar factor de protección superior a SPF50.

– Hidratar la piel con la crema del pack reparador Centros Único, aplicarla 3 veces al día o según lo requiera la piel.

– Evitar otros tratamientos antes de 48h.

– Mujeres embarazadas o en periodo de lactancia.

– Personas con infecciones cutáneas activas o herpes.

– Enfermedades.

– Alergias al ácido kójico o TCA.

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